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Do you need a live-in carer after hospitalization or a help should be used as you are unabled to shower independently , or do your household yourself ?

Do you not see a chance to do your household yourself because of illness, old age or limitations? We are happy to offer you household support for a short or longer period of time. Together with you we provide a clean and cozy home.

Our staff is happy to help with flexible attitude and a great sense of resposibility !

At MM Consult Ltd. and Ivan Fartunov Ltd. we provide long term in-home care and companionship for older or disabled people looking for an alternative to statutory services.

Our work can be described in a number of key words :

  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Passion
  • Responsibility
  • Competitive
  • Thoughtfully
  • Concerned
  • Clear


Our mission


We sincerely believe that everyone can grow old carefree and in his or her own environment.

Our services are tendered to the individual and meet each person’s specific needs. We analyse each case separately as we aim to provide the best possible care.

Our services are tendered to the individual and meet each person’s specific needs. We analyse each case separately as we aim to provide the best possible care.

Our vision

Our agency has been operating on the European market since 2003 and our personal experience has demonstrated the enormous need for care for elderly people who wish to spend their old age with dignity in their own homes.

We provide accessible ,efficient and professional care support.

In  2017 we re-established our vision and mission .The standards and values of the service are provided with an expert care.

We work in co-operation with training agencies , pharmacists ,specialists in care-giving who were trained in the  UK ,,psychologists and safety first specialists.We are there to help you with your household . We work, if possible, in the way you are used to. So that at the end of the day you are satisfied with our employee about the work that has been done and your house is tidy again.


How we work


Our specialized nurses and carers ensure that you are not alone at night. They stay with you or watch you.

With the use of 24-hour care, continuous care is provided. The nurses and carers stay at your home  and take care of all personal care and household duties.

She also looks after your well-being and self-reliance during the housework and discusses this with you. The employee watches the safety in your home. She can also guide you to extra and other care when your care needs increase. We will always look with you at what people in your area can still mean for you.

With household support you can think of:

personal care







organization of the household



trips to doctors

trips social/cultural events


  • Language skills – language skills will be checked during the interview. Employment as a caregiver in UK is impossible without extended language skills.
  • Experience in the care of elderly and dependent people.
  • Candidates with a medical education and those who have graduated a social care qualification.
  • Caring behavior and compassionate care are necessary and valued features for every carer .



Our company holds all the necessary certificates in order to provide a long term in-home care and services ( Certificate №1472-01 and №1472-02 ).

Our carers are employed under a contract and their work within the European Union is  regulated and legitimate. They all have  full social and health securities  and have additional health insurance  which is valid within the European Union and allows them to  use medical services anytime.

The carer should be provided a separate room for sleeping in order to provide a 24 hour service. Due to EU regulation carers will alternate in up to 6 month shifts. Expenses for accommodation, meals and travel should be covered by the client. As the service is 24h, the caregiver should be guaranteed appropriate sleep time according to EU employment law.

Удостоверение за регистрация №1472-01 за предоставяне на социални услуги: “Социален асистент за възрастни хора“

Удостоверение за регистрация №1472-02 за предоставяне на социални услуги: “Домашен помощник за възрастни хора“

ММ Консулт 2013 ЕООД е консултантска компания, специализирана в предлагането на услуги и решения за лицата, работещи като Личен асистент на територията на Република Австрия  и Германия.

Предлагаме Ви компетентни съвети по текущи счетоводни въпроси в съответствие с изискванията, правните разпоредби и законите на страната.

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